Virtual cards for media buying

Private payment service for advanced advertising work.
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A trusted solution for advertising payments

Stellar Card is designed to help media buying teams work efficiently. Risk-free cards, role-based features, and advanced spend management allow our clients to scale quickly without worrying.
Stellar Card is one of our major payment solutions. User-friendly interface, nice terms, great variety of BINs and excellent support, which helps with all questions even on weekends. I definitely recommend it!
Timur Sharipov, Avalon

First-class private BINs

We offer trusted cards that link to advertising accounts without risks. We actively monitor the overall DR level on our BINs and do not allow unreliable partners to work with the cards.

Spend more — save more

We adhere to the principles of openness and transparency in the formation of the cost of using the product. Teams with high spending volumes save money on a monthly basis.

Personalized service

No bureaucracy and support tickets that go unmoved for weeks. We listen and hear you and solve all issues quickly. You always have direct access to chat with the care team.

Designed for media buying teams

There is nothing useless in Stellar Card. It is created for comfortable daily work: simple interface, useful functionality and high service.
Cards Transfer
Transfer cards from one user to another in a few clicks.
User Limits
Set customized limits to control each user's spending.
Coming soon
Advanced budget management of individual team budgets via sabaccounts.
Setup roles
Manage access levels through the role system.
Mass Actions
Coming soon
Change statuses, get details and assign limits to multiple cards at once.

Spending control and management

Card Limits
Set limits for each card to control spending.
Real-time transactions
Control your expenses.
General Balance
Don't top up each card manually.
Downloading reports
Generate detailed reports using a flexible filters.
Notifications in personal chat
Сontrol your balance without logging into the app.
Instant top-up
Fund your account in USDT TRC and ERC  instantly.
Coming soon

Exporting transactions via API

Organize the transfer of transactions from Stellar Card to your database using the API.

Media buyers about Stellar Card

Our users are highly satisfied with the features and functionality of the service and it makes us proud of what we do.
Igor Ilivanov, INGO
In general, I can confidently say that the experience of using the service is very positive. All organizational aspects are as convenient as possible, and any inconveniences and comments that arise are promptly eliminated. This shows the high efficiency and care of the team behind this service.
Kirill Bezlaktoz, Bezlaktozi
Excellent cards service — good terms, clear user account, super trusted BINs, and most importantly very loyal, responsive support team, which is interested in the development of the product. If there were any questions or issues, the guys quickly solved them or helped to figure it out.
We have been working with Stellar Card for about 2 months. In addition to really good terms, a big number of BINs, other thing that pleases me the most is the service of the guys, their communication with us - just the highest level. We are constantly discussing what to improve for convenience, and they always go to meet.
Timofey, JTRADe
We have been working for several months. The support is at the highest level. Most importantly, the BINs are good and work with Facebook really successfully! Also small top-up fees and fast deposits with no delays.
Thank you, Stellar Card team, keep up the good work!
Yuriy, Monsters Ads
Using this service is a great experience! The cards are quality and the selection of bins is huge. When help was needed, our questions were resolved promptly and efficiently. This creates confidence that we can always rely on the professionalism and responsiveness of the support team.

How is Stellar Card different?

Not just another payment service, but a safe solution where you can transfer the bulk of your money without fearing for your funds.
Transparency and security
No surprises with hidden fees and additional charges.
No withdrawal tricks
Our service didn't work for you? That's okay. We will withdraw your funds quickly.
Instant top-up at any time of day or night
Automatic replenishment at any time of the day.
Support without long waiting times
Don’t wait weeks for a decision. Write to us directly. Anytime.
We really do care about your opinion
Share ideas and requests with us and we will consider implementing them.
We have everything under control
Our service is not available to everyone. This allows us to maintain a high level of customer service and keep BINs trusted.

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